Service Discovery and Load Balancing:

  • Expose containers using DNS names or IP addresses.

  • Built-in load balancing for stable deployment.

Storage Orchestration:

  • Automatically mount various storage systems (local storage, public cloud providers).

Automated Rollouts and Rollbacks:

  • Define and automate the desired state of deployed containers.

  • Facilitate controlled updates and rollbacks.

Automatic Bin Packing:

  • Efficiently allocate CPU and memory resources.

  • Optimize container placement on a cluster of nodes.


  • Kubernetes restarts, replaces, and manages containers in response to failures.

  • Ensure continuous service availability.

Secret and Configuration Management:

  • Safely store and update sensitive information.

  • Without rebuilding container images or exposing secrets.

Batch Execution:

  • Handle batch and CI workloads.

  • Replace failed containers as needed.

Horizontal Scaling:

  • Easily scale applications up or down based on demand.

  • Manual, UI-based, or automated CPU usage-triggered scaling.

IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack:

  • Allocate both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to Pods and Services.

  • Comprehensive networking support.

Designed for Extensibility:

  • Extend Kubernetes clusters with additional features.

  • Without modifying upstream source code.

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