Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight code editor with support for many programming languages through extensions


To install the latest version, use Homebrew:

brew install --cask visual-studio-code

macOS integration

Launch VS Code from the command line.

After that, you can launch VS Code from your terminal:

  • code . will open VS Code in the current directory

  • code myfile.txt will open myfile.txt in VS Code

Useful Extensions


  • Python - Python code highlighting

    To enable auto-formatting on "Save", i.e. ⌘ + S, configure the following:

    1. Change the default formatter to Black instead of Autopep8. Critical to avoid large diffs. Go to Preferences -> User Settings and update the setting python.formatter.provider to Black

    2. Enable Format on Save Setting: Editor: Format On Save setting on Code -> Preferences -> Settings


  • ESLint - Useful to check JavaScript errors and helps in auto-formatting the code

  • Prettier - JavaScript code formatter




  • GitLens - Supercharge the Git capabilities built into VSCode


  • Docker - Create, manage, and debug images from within VSCode


  • Paste JSON as Code - Infers types from sample JSON data, then outputs strongly typed models and serializers for working with that data in your desired programming language

  • Live Server - Launches a local development server with live reloading for both static and dynamic

VS Code Icons

  • vscode-icons - Adds unique icons to distinguish different file extensions (easier to glance through your directories)

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