Workload Resources

In Kubernetes, applications run in containers within Pods. To simplify management, higher-level workload objects are created using the Kubernetes API. Key workload types include the Deployment, the StatefulSet and the DaemonSet.

Deployment is the go-to resource for easily deploying stateless applications in a Kubernetes cluster. It uses a ReplicaSet for straightforward version rollbacks. The pod naming convention is <deployment-name>-<replicaset-id>-<pod-id>.

StatefulSet, introduced in Kubernetes 1.9, is designed for stable hosting of stateful applications. It independently manages pods and requires a headless service for network identification and DNS resolution.

Pods in a StatefulSet have unique names like <Statefulset-name>-0, <Statefulset-name>-1, and each has its own persistence volume claim. StatefulSets are ideal for stateful applications, such as databases, where replica identification and graceful upgrades are essential.

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